About Us


Everyone knows what a yoga studio does but it is not always clear why.


There are paths set before each man and woman leading to different destinations varying on the pull of one’s heart. The wide path with low elevation, limited obstacles, and a clear line of sight is full of many travelers. The narrow path with high elevation, many obstacles and the unknown and unknowable is far less traveled, easy to get lost but offers a rewarding view.

This leaves one at a split in the road North or South. A decision. You begin to Walk North but the self-doubt and shouting crowd distracts you from that little faint voice deep within. North is too hard, too far, too hard to climb and you will need to get an early start. The weight of the pack is a heavy weight to bear and not many are headed that direction. But South, South is flat, you can sleep in and start late, many are headed that direction and the weight is no burden to bear. There is a tug. North… or South……

You pull out your compass and the voices begin to fade. The path before you gets narrow, the crowd is disappearing and one step at a time you make your way. You make your way through every obstacle, every self-doubt and get further away from everyone who said you couldn’t do it. The elevation rises, the storms are forming, and the vegetation gets thicker.

Ahh! But your compass… your compass will keep you true to your North. This is our why. To create a veteran owned Yoga life style that represents those heading North on the narrow path even if you get lost. Stay true to your North.. because you can always get back on the right path.

Here at Compass Rose we strive to help you maintain and succeed, whether on or off the yoga mat, in whatever endeavors you have ahead! #compassroseyoga #truenorth


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